How has My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic changed my life?

Okay, before I get to it, I’ll provide some context for this seemingly (if you’re not a Brony) out-of-nowhere post. The following link goes to an mini-event on Equestria Daily regarding how the past year of 4th Gen Pony Badassery has changed the lives of others.

The Following Link. Lol, Legend of Zelda joke. It’s funny because it’s a joke!

For some, it’s changed little. For others, their lives could never feel better because of it. Myself, I’ve got my own reasons to thank the show and its fanbase… and that’s the good-hearted people who actually watch the show for the morals. I’m not talking about the extremists who abolish all other things just for the word of ponies; because that is just contradictory to what one of the main themes is.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is about… you know what, I won’t discuss what it is, because there are already hundreds of blogs, vlogs, podcasts, episodes, TVTropes pages, and Know Your Meme pages that already tell the ones who don’t know about the show. I’ll just get to what it has done for me.

My Little Pony has pulled me out of a constant feeling of nihilism and general asshole-ism. I’m still partially a cynic, but that’s been hard-coded to the same level as the idea of walking. My point is that the show’s vibrant colour palette, catchy music, smooth animation, and crisp art style appealed to my eyes and ears to an even greater level than every cartoon I’ve ever grown up with. All this was great, but it was taken to an almost divine level when the characters and stories were all well-written. To me, it was absolutely astounding. You must realise that many of the cartoons I watched, I looked back and saw that they were really poorly written and ultimately sucked.

Basically: you know the situation where you feel like you’re the only intelligent person in a world of idiots, and you suddenly come across a nice girl with equal or greater intelligence? It’s like Wall-E once he first lays his visual sensors on Eve!

This show is something else, the kind of show that beats morals over your head, but really actually doesn’t beat you over the head about it. Instead of taking a newspaper and hitting you over the head with it, the show allows you to enjoy a situation and the interactions between these interesting characters. Then at the end, it takes the elements you absorbed and applies a little extra thread just to make sure you understood the story and themes and characters and what-not.

Thanks to the show, I’m a happy guy; I didn’t need faith, or money, or fame, or anything. I just needed some silly coloured equines doing hilarious shenanigans all for the purposes of promoting good behaviour in the face of the Gangstas and the Hipsters and the Libbies and the generally Intolerant.

At the same time, it’s indirectly brought back to my eyes the reason why video games like the Call of Duty franchise really can’t be fun for anyone.

Give a kid a full year without Call of Duty. Imagine he went on with life and got to do something cool, like write a book, or carve something out of wood, or build a house, or make a video with no purpose.

Then ask said kid the following question: “Did you ever have fun playing Call of Duty?”

Being one such kid, my answer was a resounding “No. I, in fact, never actually did have fun. I never even thought about anything whenever I played any of the games. Everyone knows the concept of ‘fun’ is an enjoyable stimulation of the brain, and not a dull trance and the scarily natural-sounding homophobic blathering of people five hundred miles away.”

You can try this experiment if you want. You kind of need a year for that- or maybe just a month, or a week. Just make sure the kid has something else he wants to do instead of Call of Duty.

I haven’t really touched my Xbox 360- which is all hooked up and everything- for about six months. I’m still of the age where a guy would be playing the crap out of it.

This is all because I’ve basically found Nirvana, thanks to two things: Meditation, and My Little Pony.

So thank you, Lauren Faust and everyone who worked on the show. Thank you to all the good aspects of the fandom. Thank you for being the second reason I haven’t killed the human race yet.


PS. On the other hand, it’s also indirectly been a cause of depression. That’s not its fault, it’s more or less my fault for sharing a course with people who don’t really take anything I say seriously because they joke that I’m a psychopath much too often, and too naturally- as if me being a psychopath is common knowledge.

Personally, I’m insulted by that idea. It gives me that bad vibe that basically tells me: “These classmates aren’t really tolerant. After all, they act relatively the same. You’re just an oddball shy guy.”

Not fun.

4 Responses to “How has My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic changed my life?”

  1. But I like Call of Duty… ;-;
    Actually I’ve never played it lol! But I can relate to the video game theory thing. Before MLP:FiM, I was addicted to playing this one game on the PS3. I wasn’t doing anything productive with my life at all. Then BAM, in April 2011 I found me some ponies, and later the community helped me find my passion: music.

  2. It’s actually what got me really motivated for college. I should probably add that.

  3. Now, more than ever, a college education is really important. So is focus – Twilight levels of focus. And dreams. =)

    … and ponies …

  4. I relate 100% with that feeling you mentioned : the feeling of being the only intelligent person in a world of idiots.
    I came here through the comments on EQD and I just wanted to salute you. I think we both agree that the world is no longer so dumb, even though that surge of intelligence was brought by freaking ponies.

    Good luck with your life brother, and don’t worry about those who say you’re a psychopath. They just don’t know yet how to see beyond appearances. They may learn someday. But in the meantime, if you ever feel bad, lonely or whatever because of them, just remember there are on the world people who deserve the title of Human, and you can find some of them on any brony site.

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