Opinion: Realism

Call of Duty, Battlefield, Battle: LA, all those videos that replicate the same style as the previously-mentioned popular media. What do they all have in common, aside from shooting guns, explosions, and shit characterization?


No. No they are not. They have overly-detailed graphics that serve little to no purpose than to try to be immersive. Especially with that colour correction, where the colour is a little drowned out to give a grittier look.

Anyone who thinks that kind of colour correction is “realistic” is a f*cking moron, and needs to get his or her head unscrewed and tampered to understand things better.

Realism is what you actually see with your eyes. Do you see things as dull colours 24/7? Do your eyes automatically “crush the blacks” and “add funk” and “add sh*ttons of bloom to every light source”?

No, they don’t. Your eyes close up when hit by bright, direct light. You see colour very easily (unless you’re colourblind) and your eyes do not see dullness, unless the objects that are reflecting light into your eyes are dull to begin with.

Colour is everywhere. What “realistic” graphics do is drown out the colour on purpose, and therefore look real damn artificial.

It’s not “Realistic”, it’s “Stylistic”.

This so-called “Realism” is a style. A boring as hell style, but a style nonetheless. Those who don’t understand this fact are idiots.

That is not blind ranting, that is fact.

We’re done here.


PS. On extended consideration, a certain rule of the internet comes to mind: “The more you try, the more you will fail.”

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