Opinion: Music.

Big surprise to the universe: I despise a number of different popular genres of music. Bring out the “What a poser! What an indie kid wannabe! What a dipstick! What a noob! Go back to your artsy films!”

Before I get to the point, I’ll point out that I’ve seen artsy films those pretentious film buffs claim to be “Teh best evar” but are really bland, uninteresting, and made a sloppy effort in portraying its theme and message. I won’t name any names.


Before I go down my list of “Stuff I hate,” I’ll go over why I like what I like.

Let’s take a good artist I like called “BT.” Here’s a link to one of his songs, called 1.618

You may notice that it’s basically a polar opposite to rap, or hiphop.

I personally hate rap because what they’re about is fast talking, with the actual melody taking a back seat. I get enough talking from work. I get enough talking in my school lectures. I get enough talking from the voices in my head. I just want a nice sound to clear my thoughts before I mentally burn out every day.

Isn’t that what art is all about? Make life not suck? Escapism? That’s why many people consider video games as “Art.”

Like film, books, images, video games, etc. Music is escapism. Escapism from the sh*ttiness that is real life. If not escapism, the proverbial spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Our world and society ultimately sucks. We’ve gotten used to it, but some of us are slowly beginning to get the idea that the only way our world will stop sucking is if we make the effort to change it. That’s another subject entirely, however.

Music is escapism from the crap life, so why the hell would I, or anyone, want to listen to a nails-on-chalkboard loop with an annoying-sounding voice making rhymes about banging the bitches, or making the bling, smoking more pot than physically possible, or insulting other people.

Escapism is about feeling good about life, not listening to a black dude stereotype ranting about all this negative crap. I mean, sure one could feel good that their life isn’t as stupid and meaningless as the rapper’s, but I don’t think the general audience is smart enough to realise that.

I’d also prefer a more direct approach to feeling good. IE: music that’s soothing, that doesn’t send a clear message. Leave the thinking to your projects, work, and school. When it’s music time, I just want to relax. Even when I play music while working, I play something in the background that I barely notice.

I notice words. I hear people talking through insulated cinder block walls. I’ve got sensitive hearing. Every word I’ve ever heard sounds like noise. Disgusting, annoying noise. It’s medicine for my brain, to drown out the voices in my head.

Music, in my opinion, should be the spoonful of sugar that helps said medicine go down… I said that already… Mary Poppins was a fun movie.

Feeling good is not listening to some [insert racial slur here] bangin’ all da hoez.

Feeling good is mental serenity and peace.

You know… unless you’re a violent psychopath. In which case, might want to get that brain checked out for science. Just a suggestion.



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