Opinion: Warrior (2011)

It’s my opinion that Warrior is among the same level of movie as last year’s The Fighter. The only differences are that Warrior is based around MMA fighting rather than Boxing, and Warrior is easily a superior film overall. There are a number of reasons why that is, topped by one dude’s name.

Tom Hardy. Holy crap on a stick, I didn’t recognize this dude from Inception. The attitude, expression, gait, were all completely different from the one and only other role I saw the actor in. Ye know, that gentlemanly English man I couldn’t help but like in a totally not gay way. In this movie, he’s a f*cking beast, and a monster. A guy who just tries to get through life by venting his pent-up frustration, acting as though he had no regrets.

Tom Hardy’s performance alone got me excited for The Dark Knight Rises for the first time… well, ever! Tommy Conlon was such a juggernaut on the screen and in the proverbial cage, that I honestly cannot wait to see him as Bane.

Oh yeah, and Joel Edgerton and Nick Nolte did pretty good jobs too… Pff… I’m just kidding. Nick Nolte did a damn excellent job. Joel Edgerton was also well-cast. I’m just going on about Tom Hardy because when I realised that he played that calm, playboy gentleman in Inception, I was all “wut?”

In all seriousness, this movie is really good. Easily a contender for an Oscar- much like The Fighter was. There were some problems I had with it, such as the camera-shake, which is sometimes coupled with extreme close-ups. It’s especially annoying when it cuts to a shot that’s looking through the cage.

This is a movie about MMA fighters. I want to see them beat the sh*t out of each other. I bet everyone who cares enough to watch the movie want to see the beatings. Actually, I’m going to make a list of people who would seriously enjoy this movie

  • UFC fans… Obviously.
  • People with siblings they love very much
  • Film buffs
  • Drama nuts
  • Fighting movie nuts
  • Fans of Rocky

Another thing I heard from a friend was “the montage with multiple screens was annoying.” He said the montage seemed a bit gimmicky, like it was trying too hard. I personally disagree.

The montage has gotten to the point where the only way to stand out among others is to be gimmicky. I personally liked the montage shown in Warrior. It showed all the sides of interest to the viewer at once, and wasted little time. Think about this for a sec: You have a montage that must last two minutes, and establish the following information in an evenly-paced fashion.

  • Tom Hardy’s training session
  • Joel Edgerton’s training session
  • News reels regarding the Big UFC thing.
  • Reaction shots of those who aren’t Tom Hardy or Joel Edgerton.

You can’t get all four of those things out of the way in a satisfactory fashion within two minutes. Either you flash it by too fast, or you do it one at a time, giving a measly thirty seconds to capture everything that needed to be told from the multiple points of view. The only option from that point was to use split-screen. That way, you spend the two minutes telling a minutes-worth of storytelling information in every point of view relevant to the story. When the amount of footage is put together, back-to-back, you’ve got a good ten minutes of dullness.

Condensing it was an excellent idea, in my honest opinion.

Now the fight scenes were great. REALLY great. Again, sometimes I had difficulty figuring out who hit who, or what happened at all, due to a coupling of camera-shake and extreme close-up during some of the fights- or even some of the dialogue scenes.

They’re ultimately small nitpicks, compared to the emotion the movie managed to inspire in my cold, dense shell of a former human being. Don’t miss out, human beings.


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